Agricultural Machinery For Vineyards • Orchards • Aromatic Plants
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Machinery for Viticulture

As a leading manufacturer of vineyard equipment, we offer a wide range of products for the winegrower. In category: Machinery for Viticulture you will find Pile pusher, Trimmer, Cultivator, Subsoiler, Fertilizer, Under vine weeder & Rotary tiller with the feeler, Leaf Remover, Pre-pruner, Rotary brushes, Μower-wheel, Anchors, Shoot Binder, Grape harvester, etc.

Machinery for Arboriculture

With specialized machines also for orchards, we offer you a complete line of arboriculture machines! In category: Machinery for Arboriculture you will find a Trimmer for Orchards, Subsoiler, Under vine weeder & Rotary tiller with the feeler, Disc Harrows/Disco-Plus, Shredder, Mower with mower-wheel, Manure spreaders, Manual Binding tools, Electric pruning shears, Platform harvester, Drilling machine, Thinning machine, Loading Platforms.

Machinery for Aromatic • Medical plants

Many years now, our POTENTIALITY in Aromatic-Medical plants has been confirmed from the trust of many growers. In category: Machinery for Aromatic-Medical plants you will find Harvest machine, Transplanter, Cultivator with fertilizer system for simple and bio fertilize, Cultivator for weed control between row and between plants!

Machinery for Vegetables

In an exclusive dealership with KULT company, we offer you the most innovative and specialized solutions for growing of vegetables! In category: Machinery for Vegetables you will find many types of cultivators, and also one big range of weeding systems for weed control between row and between plants, Weeding machines by vision system (ROBO-system), etc.

Other Agricultural Machinery

In category: Other Agricultural Machinery we will find and other agricultural machinery, which constructed by us such as subsoiler with rotary cultivator blades, irrigation reel, mini plows, potato-planter, extractor-potato and also some others that we trade such as independent fertilizer distributors, scarecrow for birds, mounted sprayers, towed sprayers, electrostatic spray, spraying helmets etc.

Sorting Machines

In category: Sorting Machines you will find graders for fruits and vegetables suitable for amateur and professional use. Our company in exclusive dealership with the Dutch company PERFECT and France company CALIBREX offers special graders for cherries, apples, pears, peaches, apricots, plums, kiwis, figs, etc.


Our company has high technical knowledge for all machines, which constructed and traded by us.

For more information, questions or technical support we will be happy to assist you personally. Just contact us.

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