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Binding Tools

Binding Tools Type Beli

Standard equipment

  • 1pc roll of wire
  • Grease

Technical specifications

  • The weight of binding tool complete with full wire roll is 470 gr
  • Binding opening: 27mm
  • Working hour of binding: approx. 14 up to 16 h/10acres
  • The roll of wire has 80m of special wire, which is enough for approx. 800 up to 1000 bindings
  • 9 rolls in  10 actres
  • The change of wire is simple and fast


  • Saving time thanks to quick binding Required working hour approx.14 up to 16 hours per 10 actres. When the shoots cutted, then you can pull over the bindings from previous years together with old plant – is not necessary to cut it!
  • Reduce costs The binding tool “Beli” gives you your money back in a sort time due to quick way of work and thanks to special binding wire.
  • The work is made with easy and relaxing way The weight of binding tool complete with full wire roll is not upper than 470 gr, so the working time with this tool is easy and is not required extra strength.
  • The tool has long service life and repaired easily All the parts can be changed or replaced with low cost.
  • Environmental friendly wire Because of the fact that the wire is from steel, is very friendly to the environment. The steel comes from nature and degraded again after short period of time without leaving residues in nature.


Binding Tools Type Lea



Standard equipment

  • Battery
  • Waistcoat

Technical specifications

  • Weight of binding tool 736 gr
  • Binding opening: 30mm
  • Binding material: Wire Φ 0,40mm coated with bioplastic or paper.
  • 4, 6 and 10 turns adjustable
  • Ergonomic handle
  • Automatic shutdown after 15’ of standstill.


Binding Tools Type Attalink


  • ATTALINK 3A, binding opening 4,4cm
  • ATTALINK 6A, binding opening 8,2cm


Technical specifications

  • Weight of binding tool 3Α: 520 gr, 6Α: 630 gr,
  • Two binding materials: degradable or long-lasting, depending of the use.

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