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Τhinning Machine

Τhinning Machine Typ. STH

Thinning is necessary and is done every year because the trees produce more fruits than they can really nourish.

With thinning

  • Fruits quality improves in size, color, taste!
  • The fruiting of the tree is regulated!
  • The annual production is stabilized!
  • The fruit load is reduced on the tree and because of that the breaking of the branches is avoided, too!
  • Ηelp in the early maturation and in the better development of the root system!


  • SΤΗ-220, Working Lenght: 220 cm, HP: 60+
  • SΤΗ-250, Working Lenght: 250 cm, HP: 60+
  • SΤΗ-280, Working Lenght: 280 cm, HP: 60+
  • SΤΗ-310, Working Lenght: 310 cm, HP: 60+