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Agricultural Machinery For Vineyards • Orchards • Aromatic Plants

Weeding Machine ECO

SANIDAS – Weeding machine Typ. ECO

The smart design of ECO combines a novelty and great dynamic, it is constructed for removing weeds between the plants and the row. The main purpose is to be used in BIO-farms with various of plants, different row distances, under various conditions, even on beds or grooves.

The innovation of ECO is based on its expertise to be adapted to all conditions quickly and efficiently. The ergonomic design of this cultivator saves time and money from farmer because of the adjustable height of working head. All weeds are effectively removed and the plant remains clear and strong.

So, all the above characteristics make the ECO one of the best innovation weeder!

Technical specifications:

  • ECO-1, suitable for 1 row cultivation, row distance min. 400mm
  • Manual or with joystic
  • The height of working head can be adjusted manual or hydraulic.

ECO-1, manual

direct connection to the tractor or using hydraulic kit

ECO-1, with joystick
with hydraulic kit


  • Working element, 5 cases x 2pcs