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Rotary cultivator ECO

SANIDAS – Rotary cultivator Typ. ECO

The smart design of ECO weeder combines Innovation with excellent dynamic design, suitable for weed control between plants and rows, the main purpose is to be used in BIO-farms with many different plants and different row distances, under various kind of grounds, even on beds or on grooves.

The Innovation of ECO is based on its expertise to adapt to all ground conditions quickly and effectively, the operator saves time and money based to ergonimoc design and due to adjustable hydraulic height of workinh head the weeds removed efficiently even οn very difficult ground conditions.

The combination of economy and ergonomics, plus the ability of environmentally frienly weed control, make ECO an innovative weeder!

Technical specifications

  • ECO-1, suitable for 1 row cultivation, row distance min. 40 cm
  • ECO-2, suitable for 2 rows cultivation, row distance 50-100 cm
  • Manual or with Joystick


  • ECO-1Ε (economy), HP30+
  • ECO-1X, HP35+
  • ECO-1YX / ECO-2YX, HP60+
  • ECO-1J, HP50+
  • ECO-1YJ / ECO-2YJ, HP60+
  • ECO-1FE, HP60+


  • Hydraulic kit
  • Cover system

Product Photos